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- Principles Regarding the Procedures for Senior Undergraduate Students Who Have Completed the Maximum Education Period but Have Not Graduated
- Directive on the Regulation of Diploma, Diploma Book, Certificate and Other Documents
- Valid English Exams and Minimum Scores
- Application Principles for the Right to Two Additional Semester Final Exams
- Undergraduate Degree Determination Principles
- Undergraduate Erasmus Exchange Program Senate Principles
- Undergraduate Programs Transfer, Double Major Program (DMP) and Minor Program Directive
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- Directive on the Application and The Admission of Foreign Students to Undergraduate Degree Programs
- Senate Implementation Principles for Amnesty Law No 7417
- Senate Implementation Principles for Amnesty Law No 7413
- ITU Maximum Term Principles for Students Registered with Amnesty Law No. 7417
- 2023-2024 Fall Semester 2.Education (Non-Thesis) winners / 2023-2024 Fall Semester 2.Education (Non-Thesis) list of winners and requested documents for registration
- Final Exam Dates Spring Semester 2022-2023 / In accordance with the decision taken by the Council of Higher Education, the dates of the final exams of the 2022-2023 Spring semester have been changed.
- 2023-2024 Fall Semester Graduate Level Application / Graduate Level Admission Application for 2023 - 2024 Academic Year, Fall Semester
- About Turkish Proficiency Certificate (TÖMER) / About Turkish Proficiency Certificate (TÖMER)
- Amendments to the Directive on Undergraduate Transfers, Major Programs and Minor Programs / ITU Undergraduate Programs Directives for Lateral Transfer, Double Major Program (DMP) and Minor Programs Have Been Amended.
- TOEFL IBT Special Home Edition Exam Results / TOEFL IBT Special Home Edition exam results will not be accepted as of the Spring Semester of the 2022-2023 Academic Year.
- Announcement on the Procedures to be Taken for Students whose Maximum Education Period Will Expire at the End of the 2020-2021 Spring / According to the article 44 / c of the Law numbered 2547, you can find information on the procedures to be carried out from the links provided below...
- YÖKSİS (E-Devlet) Request Form for Adding or Updating Graduation Information / Before completing the application form, check your graduation information on YÖKSİS (E-Devlet).
- The Detailed information and application for Residence Permit. / 1. Collection of Required Documents for Student Residence Permit Application by the Student...