Document Fees


(Effective August 17,2023)

Birim Fiyatı
Student Document Fee Per Copy
For Students who enrolled in the relevant semester and for students who graduates in their 1st major and continue their 2nd major or minor, a wet signed copy after the 2nd document 15 TL
Transcript Fee per copy
Registered, leaver, graduate pdf copyNo fee
Wet signed copy after the 2nd document in the relevant semester from registered students15 TL
Graduate with wet signature15 TL
Sending a wet signed copy by e-mail15 TL
Other documents (Wet Signed)
English Proficiency Certificate, Disciplinary Status Certificate, The graduate certificate that shows what percentage of success a student is in when he/she graduates, Prospective Graduation Certificate, Transfer Status Certificate, ECTS Certificate, Class Ranking Certificate, DMP-Major and Minor Letter, Graduation letter to student who is in the graduation by stating the decision of the Board of Directors according to academic calendar and various letters in line with the demands of the students15 TL
“Like Original” Approved Documents (per document)

  1. Copy of ITU Diploma and copy of ITU Supplement
  2. Copy of Course Catalogue Form
  3. Documents produced for education at our university and diploma graduation certificate for secondary education graduation (other documents in the student’s personal File)

Registered students pay a fee (per document) after the 2nd copy for these transactions

Leavers and Graduates pay a fee (per document)

20 TL

Account information where the fee will be deposited:

Account Name: İTÜ Strateji Geliştirme Daire Başkanlığı

Bank Name: Vakıflar Bankası

Bank Branch: Maslak Şubesi

Branch Code: 401

Account Number: 00 158 007 296 855 662

IBAN No: tr 07 0001 5001 5800 7296 8556 62