General Information

The legislation on student fees and tuition fees is regulated by Article 46 of the Higher Education Law No 2547, and the law can be accessed at http://www.yok.gov.tr./

Student fee refers to the fee that students enrolled in daytime education programs are obliged to pay,

Tuition fee refers to the required fee for international students, students enrolled in International Dual Degree Programs and Second Education programs without a thesis.

Fee/ tuition fees are aid during registration or registration renewal at the beginning of the relevant semester.

Those who do not pay tuition / tuition fees within the period and those whose excuses are not accepted by the executive board of the relevant higher education institution cannot enroll for that semester and cannot benefit from their student rights. Those who have not benefited from the student rights because they have not registered will not pay the fee / tuition fee for the period in which they have not benefited from their student rights, if they register in the following terms.

Students who are Required to Pay Fee/Tuition Fee

1- Students who exceed the duration of the program in daytime education programs pay fees

Education Duration



Undergraduate Preparatory

1 year/ 2 semesters

Undergraduate Programs (four-year)

4 years/ 8 semesters

Graduate Scientific Preparatory Programs (two semesters)

2 semesters

Master Programs with Thesis

2 years/ 4 semesters

Master Programs without Thesis

1 year/ 2 semesters

Doctorate Programs

4 years/ 8 semesters

Doctorate Programs after Undergraduate

5 years/10 semesters

2- Minor students who continue their minor program even though they have completed the major program, pay fee for the minor program they pursue.

3- Students who are registered in a second program (except for double major programs) while enrolled in a program pay the student fee / tuition fee for the second program.

4- Students who exceed the normal duration of the graduate program pay a fee for the graduate program.

5- Students studying in the Engineering Completion program pay a fee.

6- Students of international dual degree programs pay tuition fees.

7- International students who register within the scope of the student quota from abroad pay tuition fees.

8- International students who have been placed within the scope of student quota from abroad and become Turkish citizens continue to pay tuition fees.


1- Scholarship students who are within the duration of the program and whose scholarship include fee/ tuition fee exemption are exempt from fee / tuition fees.

2- Research assistants who receive graduate education in daytime education programs (during their education) are exempt from tuition fees. If the graduate program student who is a research assistant, have not graduated even after the normal education period has expired, brings the document stating that s/he is a research assistant from the institution they are affiliated to or from the personnel affairs to the Registrar’s Office, their exemption from the fee may continue.

3- Children of Martyrs and Veterans are exempt from fees (within the duration of their education)

4- The fees of the students who study in return for compulsory service on behalf of the ministries and public institutions are paid by their institutions, if they consider appropriate.

5- Students with Turkish nationality transferring from Foundation Higher Education Institutions are exempt from the fee during the program period.

6- Among the students who enrolled within the scope of undergraduate transfer from abroad, students whose one of the nationalities is TR / TRNC nationality, and students who are renounced Turkish citizenship are exempt from the fee during the program.

7- The "students who are placed in the university according to the principles determined by YÖK" from among Syrian citizens who are hosted in our country due to the events in the Syrian Arab Republic are exempt from the fee.

8- Double major students who graduate from the major program within the duration of the program are exempt from fee for one more year after graduation (9th and 10th semesters).

Those who are within the scope of fee / tuition fee exemption must submit their documents to the Fee Payment Office of the Registrar's Office within the week in which the Student Fee/ Tuition Fee is paid at the beginning of the relevant semester.

Students who will benefit from fee / tuition fee discount

1- For students with disabilities who submit a report of their disability (during their education), a discount is made from the amount of the tuition fee they have to pay according to their level of disability.

2- Students who qualify for a tuition fee discount from international students pay tuition fees with a discount.

Double major students (except for international students)

1- Students within 1-8th semesters of the major program are exempt from fees / tuition fees.

2- In the 9th and 10th semesters of the major program; If there is a major and double major registration, fee / tuition fee is paid for the major. If there is only a Double Major Program registration, no fee is paid.

3- If there is a major and double major enrolment in the 11 and above semesters of the major program, a fee / tuition fee is paid for the major. If there is only a double major enrolment, double major fee / tuition fee is paid.

Students participating in exchange programs

Students coming from abroad and going abroad within the scope of Erasmus and Mevlana Exchange Programs are subject to the legislation of their higher education institutions in terms of their liabilities regarding fees and tuition fees.

Students enrolled in our university as Special Student within the scope of Decree Law 667

Students who are obliged to pay tuition fees will make their payments to the higher education institution where they are placed centrally by ÖSYM.

Students enrolled with the ÖSS or equivalent exams are exempted from some courses by adjusting some of the courses they have taken in their previous programs. The semesters spent for such exempted courses are included in the calculation of the education period and are taken into account in the payments of fees/ tuition fees.

The time spent by the transfer students in their previous departments is evaluated within the education period and is taken into account in the payment of tuition / tuition fees.


When paying the fee / tuition fee to the bank, students must specify their student numbers and also have their student numbers written on the receipt.

It is recommended that the bank receipt be kept by the student as it is mandatory to submit a bank receipt for the refund of the fee / tuition fee in some cases.


Fees paid to the bank during the week of the penalty registration are updated in the system every 2 hours.

Student Fee / Tuition Fee

Bank to Pay Fees

Vakıf Bank