Graduate Course Codes

Graduate School
Course Code Program Name
ABT Smart Buil.&Fac.Man.(II Education(None Thesis))
ADM Offshore Engineering (Thesis/None Thesis)
AFY Disaster Manag. (Thesis/None Thesis)
ANT Geoanthropology
BBL Computer Sciences
BGK Cyber Secur.Eng.&Cryptog.
BLG Computer Engineering
BLU Information and Communication Eng.
BPL Regional Planning
BTE Informat.Tech.(II Education(None Thesis))
BTT Science,Technology and Society
BVT History of Science&Technology
BYM Biomedical Engineering
CBM Environ.Scien.Eng.&Manag.
CHZ Mineral Processing
CKY Environ.Cont.&Building Techn.
CSP Performance-Voice
CTT Facade Design and Technology (II Education(None Thesis))
DCZ Maritime Studies (II Education(None Thesis))
DEP Earthquake Engineering
DTM Shipbuilding&Ocean Eng.
DUM Maritime Transport.Eng.
DUY Maritime Transpor.Manage.(II Education(None Thesis))
DZC Maritime Studies
EBT Energy Science and Technology
ELE Electronics Engineering
ELK Electrical Engineering
ENB Environmental Biotechnology
END Industrial Engineering
EUT Industrial Products Design
FIZ Physics Engineering
GAM Game&Interaction Technologies
GDP Traditional Dances
GEM Naval Architec.&Marine Eng.
GEO Geomatics Engineering
GGP Real Estate Development
GID Food Engineering
GIT Geographical Infor.Techno.
GYY Entrepreneur.and Innova.(II Education(None Thesis))
HBM Computational Sci.&Eng.
HGP Apparel Retail and Fashion Management (II Education(None Thesis))
HSK Hydraulics and Water Resources Eng.
HTY Air Transport Management (II Education(None Thesis))
HYM Aerospace and Materials (II Education(None Thesis))
IKE Economics (English)
IMT Interior Archi.Design(Inter.)
IPY Construc.Project Management (II Education(None Thesis))
ISG Occupational Safety&Health Manag.(II Education(None Thesis))
ISL Management Engineering
ISS Busine.Administ.(None Thesis)
ITY Business Admin.&Tec.Mana.(II Education(None Thesis))
IYB Information Technologies in Construction Management(II Education(None Thesis))
JDM Geodynamic
JEO Geology Engineering
JFM Geophysical Engineering
KBM Coastal Sci.&Eng.
KET Urban Design
KIM Chemistry
KMM Chemical Engineering
KOM Control&Automation Engineering
MAD Mining Engineering
MAK Mechanical Engineering
MAM Materials Eng.
MAT Mathematical Engineering
MBA Executive MBA (II Education(None Thesis))
MBG Molecular Bio.Genetics&Biotec.
MBL Architectural Design Computing
MBM Material Science&Engineering
MDK System Dynamics and Control
MDP Music
MET Metallurgical&Materials Eng.
MHN Engineering Management (II Education(None Thesis))
MHY Engineering Management
MIA Heat Fluid
MIT History of Architecture
MJT Musicology and Music Theory
MKC Solid Mechanics
MKM Mechatronics Engineering
MKS Mechanical Design
MMI Materials and Manufacturing.
MOT Automotive
MTA Machine Dynamics,Vibra.&Acous.
MTO Atmospheric Sciences
MTS Architectural Design
MTZ Architecture (None Thesis)
MYE Music (English)
MYL Music (II Education(None Thesis))
MZJ Musicology
NSE NanoScience&Nano Engineering
PEM Landscape Architecture
PET Petroleum&Natural Gas Eng.
PST Polimer Science&Technology
PYY Project&Construction Manag.
RBT Radiation Science&Technology
ROT Rotor Aero Vehicles (II Education(None Thesis))
RSM Railway Systems Engineering
RST Restoration
RTZ Restoration (None Thesis)
SBP Urban&Regional Planning
SPL Urban Planning
SRM Ceramics Eng.
SSY Healt Systems Management (II Education(None Thesis))
STD Political and Social Thoughts
STP Defense Technologies
STR Art History
SYC Politics
TEK Textile Engineering
TEL Telecommunication Engineering
TKY Music Theory and Composition
TMP Turkish Music
UAH Satelite Commu.&Remote Sensing
ULS Transportation Engineering
UMT Extrac.Metal.&Techn.Eng.
UUM Astron.&Aeron.Eng.
VIA Big Data&Business Analytics (II Education(None Thesis))
YAB Construction Sciences
YAP Structural Engineering
YIP Construction Management
YSB Earth System Science
YTT Innovative Technical Textiles
ZMG Soil Mechanics&Geotech.Eng.