Undergraduate Program Codes

IN-Faculty of Civil Engineering
INS Civil Engineering
INSE Civil Engineering (% 100 English)
JDF/GEO Geomatics Engineering
GEOE Geomatics Engineering (% 100 English)
CEV Environmental Engineering
CEVE Environmental Engineering (% 100 English)
SIN Civil Engineering (International Joint Degree Programmes)
SCE Environmental Science and Management (International Joint Degree Programmes)
MM-Faculty of Architecture
MIM Architecture
MIME Architecture(% 100 English)
SBP Urban and Regional Planning
SBPE Urban and Regional Planning (% 100 English)
SBPM Urban and Regional Planning(Minor)
EUT Industrial Product Design
EUTE Industrial Product Design (% 100 English)
ENTE Industrial Design (%100 English)
EUTM Industrial Product Design (Minor)
ICM Interior Architecture
PEM Landscape Architecture
PEME Landscape Architecture (% 100 English)
MK-Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
MAK Mechanical Engineering
MAKE Mechanical Engineering (% 100 English)
MAKM Mechanical Engineering (Minor)
IML Manufacturing Engineering
IMLE Manufacturing Engineering (% 100 English)
IMLM Manufacturing Engineering (Minor)
MKN Mechatronics (Minor)
EE-Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
EHB Electronics and Communication Engineering
EHBE Electronics and Communication Engineering (% 100 English)
ELK Electrical Engineering
ELKE Electrical Engineering (% 100 English)
ELE Electronics Engineering
KOM Control and Automation Engineering
KOME Control and Automation Engineering (% 100 English)
TEL Telecommunication Engineering
MD-Faculty of Mines
MAD Mining Engineering
MADE Mining Engineering (% 100 English)
MADM Mining Engineering (Minor)
JEO Geological Engineering
JEOE Geological Engineering (% 100 English)
JEOM Geological Engineering (Minor)
JEF Geophysical Engineering
JEFE Geophysical Engineering (% 100 English)
JEFM Geophysical Engineering (Minor)
PET Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
PETE Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (% 100 English)
PETM Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (Minor)
CHZ Mineral Processing Engineering
CHZE Mineral Processing Engineering (% 100 English)
KM-Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
KMM Chemical Engineering
KMME Chemical Engineering (% 100 English)
KMMM Chemical Engineering (Minor)
MET Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
METE Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (% 100 English)
GID Food Engineering
GIDE Food Engineering (% 100 English)
GIDM Food Engineering (Minor)
MBI Bioengineering (International Joint Degree Programmes)
IS-Faculty of Management
ISL Management Engineering
ISLE Management Engineering (% 100 English)
END Industrial Engineering
ENDE Industrial Engineering (% 100 English)
ECNE Economics (% 100 English)
SIS Business (Suny)
SEK Economics (Suny)
SEN Industrial Engineering (Suny)
GD-Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
GEM Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
GEME Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (% 100 English)
GEMM Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering (Minor)
DEN Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering
DENE Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering (% 100 English)
FE-Faculty of Science and Letters
MAT Mathematics Engineering
MATE Mathematics Engineering (% 100 English)
MATM Mathematics Engineering (Minor)
FIZ Physics Engineering
FIZE Physics Engineering (% 100 English)
FIZM Physics Engineering (Minor)
KIM Chemistry
KIME Chemistry (% 100 English)
KIMM Chemistry (Minor)
BIO Molecular Biology & Genetics
BIOE Molecular Biology & Genetics (% 100 English)
BIOM Molecular Biology & Genetics (Minor)
UU-Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics
UCK Aeronautical Engineering
UCKE Aeronautical Engineering (% 100 English)
UCKM Aeronautical Engineering (Minor)
UZB Astronautical Engineering
UZBE Astronautical Engineering (% 100 English)
UZBM Astronautical Engineering (Minor)
MTO Meteorological Engineering
MTOE Meteorological Engineering (% 100 English)
MTOM Meteorological Engineering (Minor)
KO-Turkish Music State Conservatory
TEB Basic Arts
MTR Musical Theory
SES Voice Training
KMP Composition
BST Composition
MUT Music Technologies
MZT Music Technology
MUZ Musicology
MUZE Musicology (% 100 English)
CAB Instrument Luthery
CEB Instrumental Performance
THO Turkish Folk Dance
DZ-Maritime Faculty
GMI Marine Engineering
GMIE Marine Engineering (% 100 English)
DUI Maritime Transportation Management Engineering
DUIE Maritime Transportation Management Engineering (% 100 English)
SGM Marine Engineering (International Joint Degree Programmes)
SDU Marine Transportation Engineering (International Joint Degree Programmes)
TK-Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design
TEK Textile Engineering
TEKE Textile Engineering (% 100 English)
TEKM Textile Engineering (Minor)
SMT Fashion Design (International Joint Degree Programmes)
STP Textile Development and Marketing (International Joint Degree Programmes)
BB-Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering
BLG Computer Engineering
BLGE Computer Engineering (% 100 English)
YZVE Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering (% 100 English)
SBL Information Systems Engineering (International Joint Degree Programmes)
KK- ITU-TRNC Education-Research Campuses
CEN Computer Engineering (% 100 English)
MTM Maritime Transportation Management Engineering (% 100 English)
MMD Maritime Business Management (% 100 English)
EFN Economics and Finance (% 100 English)
EEE Electrical Electronics Engineering (% 100 English)
IND Industrial Engineering (% 100 English)
NAE Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (% 100 English)
MEN Marine Engineering (% 100 English)
IAD Interior Architecture (% 100 English)
ARC Architecture (% 100 English)