Special Student


Undergraduate students who are registered at a university in Turkey or abroad and apply to our University as special student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Having completed at least one semester in the program they are enrolled in at their own university,
  2. Having a GPA of at least 3.00/4.00,
  3. Not receiving disciplinary action

Candidates who will apply to our university as a special student should apply to the Faculty they want to study as a special student with the following documents.

  1. Decision document of the home institution of the student which states that the student accepted to be a special student at ITU

  2. Transcripts

  3. A document showing that you have one of the foreign language exam scores accepted by the ITU Senate, which can be seen in the link

  4. Certificate of absence of disciplinary action (must be in English)


  1. In decision document of the home institution of the student which states that the student accepted to be a special student at ITU, the courses that the student will take at ITU must be stated.
  2. Students who want to study as a special student should apply to the relevant Faculty they want to study before the course registration periods announced in the Academic Calendar.
  3. Special students are not accepted to the preparatory class.
  4. In each academic year, a maximum of 3% of the ÖSYS quota of the relevant department can be accepted as special students.
  5. The period of special studentship is limited to two semesters on an intermittent or continuous basis.
  6. Special students pay their contribution/tuition fees to the higher education institution they are registered to.
  7. Students who will attend summer schools as special students pay the summer school fee to the higher education institution where they take the course.
  8. The maximum course credits that a special student can take is as much as the credits of the courses in the relevant semester of the program to which they will be enrolled.
  9. Students who will study as a special student after being accepted by the relevant Faculty are required to fill in the form in the link for course selection.


Click for Special Student Directive

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Informations about taking courses as Graduate level special students for 2020-2021 Fall Semester

  1. Special students who want to get credits have to bring Graduate School Administrative Board Decision from his/her University which allowing her/him to take courses from ITU and download and fill the necessary parts and signatures of "Special Student Course Request Form" in ITU Students Affairs and Registrar’s Office Web Site, and hand in this form to ITU Student Affairs with their Passports' copy between 26 - 30 October 2020.
  2. If the courses are taught in English, they are approved by ITU Students Affair only when students prove their English proficiency in orginal forms (Please click for the English proficiency documents and minimum success criteria accepted by the University).
  3. Students who have delivered their “Special Students Course Request Form” to the Students’ Affairs are registered and given a student number.
  4. If special students are already a student at another university, they are requested to deliver the approval by their current university to relevant institute in ITU.
  5. After the registration, special students may take their transcripts via their student numbers.

Important Notes!

  1. Courses chosen by special students shall not coincide with one another. These coinciding courses cannot be registered in the system.
  2. Current ITU students can not register as special students