2024-2025 Fall Semester Graduate Level Admission Application For International Students

According to “ITU Graduate Level Academic Regulations” and “ITU Graduate Level Senate Principles”, new students will be admitted to Master's and Ph.D. Programs of Graduate School .


Admission Application 


Foreign Students should apply via the following link  https://www.sis.itu.edu.tr/onkayitlar/luyabanci/basvuru/ until 28 June 2024 (latest at 17:00 pm). Applications of candidates who do not complete their applications by 17:00 on June 28, 2024 will not be accepted. Considering that it will take time for the documents to be uploaded to the system, it is important that the application is not left to the last days. There is detailed information about how to apply ,how to upload the required documents and how to add recommendation letters in the application link above.


Quotas and Pre Conditions

Click for Quotas and Pre Conditions.

Documents Required to be Uploaded in PDF Format For Application;

  1. Applicant’s official transcripts including all undergraduate and/or graduate level courses and their grades issued by the universities that the applicant graduated or will be graduated from.  

    Applicant  who will apply for PhD programs after  his/her undergraduate degree has to have at least 3.00 Cumulative GPA out of 4.00 .
  3. One of the Score Documents from Academic Personnel and Graduate Level Entrance Exam (ALES), GRE or GMAT including the related scores (ALES, GRE and GMAT scores are valid for 5 years.)

    Applicants for Master's Programs are required to have Numerical score minimum 55 from ALES . Applicants who will apply for PhD programs after their  undergraduate level degree are  required  to have Numerical score  minimum 80 FROM ALES (ALES minimum score is not required for the Social Sciences Institute Music programs)  

    The minimum score required from Quantitative section of GRE is 610 (in the new system is minimum 149).  

    Applicants for Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences Programs can apply with GMAT certificate. GMAT with a minimum score of 450 is required for these applicants.
  5. One of the Documents of English Proficiency that is accepted according to ITU Senate principles
    Click here for Valid English Exams and Minimum Scores accepted by ITU Senate.

    English certificate is not mandatory in the Master applications.
    The students admitted to any master program can complete their registration without an English certificate, but they cannot take courses until the submission of a valid English certificate. The applicants for a PhD program must deliver English certificate up to the registration period. If they do not submit a valid English certificate in the registration, they will not be registered.
  6. Statement of Purpose
  7. Curriculum Vitae
  8. Recommendation Letter
    For each applied program two recommendation letters are required. For MSc applications, one of these recommendation letters is required to be prepared by an academic instructor who the student worked with. For PhD applications, one of the recommendation letters must be supplied from the supervisor that the candidates are planning to study together during their doctorate education.
    Reference letter is uploaded to the system by the person who is giving the reference, not by the candidate

Note 1: Required ALES, GRE, GMAT minimum scores and minimum cummulative GPA may differ according to Master’s and Ph.D. programs . Requirements for programs and quotas are given at the Registar’s Office Web page :Click for page
Note 2: Documents must be sealed, stamped and signed or with an electronic signature. Documents with barcodes or verification codes will also be accepted.
Note 3: Candidates applying to PhD programs with a Master's degree must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (unless the program has a different requirement).
Note 4: Applications of candidates who do not upload valid documents will be rejected.
Note 5: After you receive a confirmation e-mail from the Registrar's Office stating that your pre-registration has been approved, no changes can be made to your preference number (add, remove, change), your preference order or any information you have entered into the system.
Note 6: You can follow detailed information about the interview date and place on the institute's website (https://www.sis.itu.edu.tr/onkayitlar/luyabanci/program-mulakat-bilgileri)

ABOUT ITU English Exam

ITU English Proficiency Exam application and information about the exam are announced on the page https://www.sis.itu.edu.tr/onkayitlar/english_exam/index_en.php
For exam dates English Preparatory Class Calendar please check this page.

Graduate School web page: https://www.lee.itu.edu.tr/