ITU Proficiency Exam

Registration Dates: 08 - 21 June 2022 (by 5 pm)

Step 1: Application for Exam
In order to take the exam, you must fill out the online application form
Click Here to Apply for the Exam

Undergraduate preparatory students who are currently enrolled at ITU School of Foreign Languages do not need to register for the exam. Those students will be automatically registered for the exam if they are eligible to take it.

Step 2: Exam Fee
After completing the online application process, you must pay the applicable exam fee at a Vakıfbank branch or via online money transfer systems between 08 - 21 June 2022 (by 17:00). Please do not pay the exam fee via ATM. When paying the fee, your “registration number,name and last name” must be written in the explanation part of your payment transfer receipt. Your Registration Number is the number assigned to you in Step 1 of the application process for the English Proficiency Exam. It's NOT your student or candidate number.

Please make sure that the recipient of the payment is exactly the same as the one provided on the link below:
Click Here to Check the Applicable Exam Fees

Exam Date and Time
Session 1: 27 June 2022- 10.00 am
Session 2: 29 June 2022- 10.00 am (Only for those who are eligible)

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