Application for Graduate Secondary Education (Non-Thesis) Programs For International Students

Our university's Graduate School of Education will admit students to the following Non-Thesis Master's Programs for the Fall Semester of the 2024-2025 Academic Year in accordance with the 'ITU Graduate Education and Instruction Regulation' and the 'ITU Graduate Education and Instruction Regulation Senate Principles'.


Pre-Registration and Required Documents

Pre-Registration: Pre-registration must be completed by May 23, 2024 (by 17:00) at and the application must be completed. Instructions on how to add documents to the system and how to provide references are provided at the web address mentioned above.

Quotas and Application Requirements

Click here for quotas and application requirements.

Documents to be Uploaded to the System in PDF Format During Pre-Registration:

A photo in passport size format must be uploaded to the system during the application.

  1. Transcripts showing the courses and grades of the Bachelor's degree obtained/being obtained from all Higher Education Institutions (the transcript must be signed and stamped) (transcripts with barcodes obtained from e-government are also accepted)
  2. One of the Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Exam (ALES), GRE, or GMAT exam result documents (the validity period of ALES, GRE, and GMAT documents is 5 years.)
    For some Non-Thesis (Second Cycle) programs, there is no ALES requirement. You can find information about this in the Prerequisites section of the programs.
  3. Language proficiency certificate is not a mandatory document for Master's degree applications. Students admitted to the program without a valid language certificate can register definitively but cannot take any courses. (You can check whether the programs have a foreign language requirement in the Prerequisites section.)
  4. One of the documents indicating English proficiency accepted by the ITU Senate. (You can check whether the programs have a foreign language requirement in the Prerequisites section.)
    Click here for Valid English Exams Accepted by the ITU Senate and Minimum Scores.
    Students who upload the TOEFL IBT internet printout as the language document to the system must also upload the confirmation email (view order menu) from the internet page along with the result.
  5. Letter of Intent (about the student's expectations from graduate education and the field in which they want to work) (the number of letter of intents that can be uploaded equals the number of preferences)
  6. Minimum 2 reference letters (at least one must be academic) (After completing the application, you enter the email of the person you want to refer from the references tab. A link is sent to this person by the system, and they enter through this link, fill out the reference form, approve it, and send it back to the system. It is not possible for the candidate to upload the reference letter to the system.)
  7. CV (Curriculum Vitae)

ITU English Proficiency Application

Information about ITU English Proficiency Exam application and exam is announced on the page
Check the English Preparatory Academic Calendar for exam dates.


Important Note: The part related to the department graduated from in the prerequisites should be considered by the applicant. If the applicants are not accepted to the program they applied for (regarding the graduated program), the responsibility lies with the student. Quotas do not have to be filled.

NOTE 1: The minimum scores for ALES, GRE, GMAT, and GPA may vary by program. Click here for prerequisites and quotas for programs.

NOTE 2: Interview information can be accessed at

NOTE 3: Documents must be stamped, sealed, signed, or electronically signed. In addition, documents with barcode or verification code will also be accepted.

NOTE 4: Applications of candidates who do not upload valid documents will be rejected.

NOTE 5: Once you receive the approval email from the Student Affairs Directorate confirming your pre-registration, no changes can be made to your preferences (addition, removal, modification), preference order, or any information entered into the system.

Detailed Information about the Programs can be Found on the Websites of the Relevant Institutes.
Graduate School of Education: