Application Dates: 12 August 2024 09:00 - 23 August 2024 17:00 (No applications or preferences can be made after 23 August 2024, 17:00.)
Applications must be made from the Old Student Information System (Banner) until 23 August 2024 17:00.

Application Information and Quota

Announcement of the Semester of the Students whose Applications are Not Accepted and the Students Who Apply within the Application Period

On September 04, 2024, the semester of students whose applications were not accepted among the students who applied for Transfer, Double Major and Minor Programs within ITU, and the students who applied, will be announced on our website. Students who have applied for ITU Transfer, Double Major (DMP) and Minor Programs must check whether the application is accepted and the semester information on 04 September 2024.

Evaluation of Applications

  • Evaluation of the applications of students who applied for ITU Transfer, Double Major Program (DMP) and Minor Programs will start on August 26, 2024.
  • The conditions stated in the ITU Undergraduate Programs Directive for Transfer, Double Major Program and Minor Program and the conditions stated above must be met. In the ranking of the students who meet the application conditions: First of all, the overall grade point average and, in case of equality of the average, the total credits completed by the student are taken into account. Priority is given to students who have completed more credits.

Senate Principles

Undergraduate Internal Transfer, Double Major, Minor Calendar