Urban and Regional Planning Course Plan

Student's Catalog Term: Between 2015-2016 Fall Semester and 2017-2018 Fall Semester
7th Semester Elective Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTheoreticalTutorialLab.ECTS
EUT 363EVisual Culture and Design32204
EUT 365EFundamentals of Design Thinking33004
ICM 103EConcepts in History of Architecture33004
ICM 121EHistory of Art and Culture33004
ICM 353EHealth and Design33004
MIM 101EHistory of Art and Culture33004
MIM 105EIntroduction to Political Economy and Sustainability Management33004
MIM 107EConcepts of Cultural Heritage33004
MIM 347EDigital Graphics and Representation32204
MIM 349EIntroduction to Materials in Architecture33004
MIM 353EIntroduction to the History of Architecture33004
MIM 355EArchitecture and Interdıscıplınary Studıes33004
MIM 371EByzantine Heritage in İstanbul33004
MIM 373EDevelopment of Istanbul from the 19th Century to the Present33004
MIM 377ECities and Architecture33004
MIM 381EStructural Systems in Architecture33004
MIM 415EHousing Design Philosophy of Contemporary Architecture33004
MIM 422ECity Form and Architecture3300
MIM 495EHousing in Developing Countries33004
PEM 317EUrban Furniture and Space33004
PEM 347ESocial Asspect of Landscape Architecture33004
PEM 431EExperimental Studies on Place and Design33004
PEM 433ETopics in Landscape Urbanism33004
SBP 103ERole of Professions in Sustainability33004
SBP 105EOther Worlds: Society and Society and Space in Sience Fiction and Fatnastic Literature33004
SBP 315EHuman Culture and Environment33004
SBP 349EUrban Economic Geography33004
SBP 357ELarge Scale Urban Projects33004
SBP 417EUrban Development Process33004
SBP 424ECreative Cities33004
SBP 427EComparative Studies of Urban Planning33004
SBP 433EHealthy Cities33004
SBP 447EUrban Structure and Form33004
SBP 477ETourism and Environment33004