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Code Course Name Language Type
MAT 447 Integral Equations Turkish Elective
Local Credits ECTS Theoretical Tutorial Laboratory
3 6 3 0 0
Course Prerequisites and Class Restriction
Prerequisites MAT 201 MIN DD
or MAT 201E MIN DD
or MAT 232 MIN DD
or MAT 232E MIN DD
or MAT 210 MIN DD
or MAT 210E MIN DD
Class Restriction None
Course Description
Introduction; the classification of integral equations. Fredholm alternative in finite dimensional spaces. Hilbert spaces. Volterra integral equations. Integral equations with weak kernel. Degenerate kernels and Fredholm’s alternative. Integral Equation with L_2 Kernels; compact and self-adjoint compact operators (Hilbert-Schmidt operators) . Positive operators. The upper and lower boundaries for Eigen-values. Fredholm equations with self-adjoint compact operator. Fredholm’s alternative. Fredholm’s theory. Some singular integral equations; the solutions with Fourier and Laplace transformations. Projection method. Weiner-Hopf method.