Course Information

Course Code:
Course Number:
Code Course Name Language Type
MAT 365 Calculus of Variations Turkish Elective
Local Credits ECTS Theoretical Tutorial Laboratory
3 6 3 0 0
Course Prerequisites and Class Restriction
Prerequisites MAT 201 MIN DD
or MAT 201E MIN DD
or MAT 232 MIN DD
or MAT 232E MIN DD
or MAT 210 MIN DD
or MAT 210E MIN DD
Class Restriction None
Course Description
Continuous, lower and upper semicontinuous functionals, Differentiable functionals, Frechet and Gateax differential of a functional. Weak and strong extremum, Integral types functionals, A necessary condition of extremum for single variable functionals, Euler- Lagrange equation. A necessary condition for multivariable functionals, Variational problems in parametric form, Variational problems with subsidiary conditions. Isoperimetric problems, Variable endpoint problem, Broken extremals, Transversality conditions,Jacobi’s condition, Weierstrass function