Course Information

Course Code:
Course Number:
Code Course Name Language Type
MAT 287 Mathematics III Turkish Compulsory
Local Credits ECTS Theoretical Tutorial Laboratory
4 6 3 2 0
Course Prerequisites and Class Restriction
Prerequisites MAT 102 MIN DD
or MAT 102E MIN DD
or MAT 104 MIN DD
or MAT 104E MIN DD
or MAT 188 MIN DD
or MAT 188E MIN DD
or MAT 211 MIN DD
or MAT 211E MIN DD
or MAT 213 MIN DD
or MAT 213E MIN DD
Class Restriction None
Course Description
Function Sequences and Series, Fourier-Laplace Series, Line Integrals, Vector Fields, Path Independence, Potential Functions, The Fundamental Theorem of Line Integrals, Green’s Theorem in the Plane, Surface Area and Surface Integral, Stokes’ Theorem, Divergence Theorem