Turkish International ID For International Students

After receiving the residence card, all International students registered in our university are obliged to inform the Presidency of their ID numbers (starting with 99).

International Students who do not have their Turkish Foreign ID in the system are restricted from to entry to the Student Information System. International students are obliged to inform the Registrar's Office within 20 working days after receiving their residence card as follows. Until this procedure is completed,you are not allowed to register for courses or receive official documents(Transcript etc.)

There are 2 ways to declare your residence card number to the University

  1. It is required to send an e-mail to ermisa@itu.edu.tr with duplex copy of your residence card and ITU Student ID Card *. Only mails with @itu.edu.tr extension will be considered. Write your Student Number in the Subject section of the mail.
  2. You can create a help ticket on ITU Help (https://yardim.itu.edu.tr/) . Click here to get help on creating the Help Ticket
    * Click here for sample copy