The procedures to be followed to receive Diploma

The procedures to be carried out for the graduates of associate, bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs at our university and the documents to be submitted to receive the diploma are stated below:

  1. Diplomas and certificates are only delivered to the beneficiaries themselves or their associates who present their notarized power of attorney against signature.
  2. Diploma of an international graduate can be conveyed to the Turkish Representation in the relevant country through the Higher Education Board and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  3. The diploma of the deceased graduate is given to the first applicant from the legal heirs upon their request and on condition of documenting it. This situation will be notified to the other legal heirs who have applied later (in writing if they wish).

Documents to be Submitted During Diploma Submission

  1. A letter from the Library stating that the graduate is not in debt to ITU Library. (Our graduates who are in debt to the library are required to pay their debts to the ITU Central Library and receive a letter of no debt. (Those who graduated from undergraduate programs as of the spring semester of the 2016-2017 Academic Year and those who graduated from the graduate programs since the Fall semester of the 2017-2018 Academic Year do not need to obtain a letter from the Library.) In case graduates who have debts pay their library debts, their barriers from the system are removed by the library. In order to avoid any problems, our graduates are required to pay their debt at least one day before they come to receive their diploma.
  2. Receipt of payment of student contribution / tuition fee debt, if any. (If there is a student contribution / tuition fee debt, it is necessary to apply to the Registrar's Office.)
  3. Foreign students are required to become a member at
  4. The graduate who will submit a power of attorney must submit the original power of attorney. In the power of attorney, it should be stated that the person "is authorized to receive the diploma issued by ITU”. After the above procedures are completed, a diploma can be received from the Diploma Office of the Student Affairs Office by presenting the identity card or an identity card that can be legally substituted. If the international graduate wants and if s/he is outside Turkey, by submitting these documents to the Turkish Consulate in the country that is located outside Turkey can apply through the Consulate to get a diploma. The diploma will be sent to the Consulate to which they have applied through the Higher Education Council to be delivered to her/him.
  5. Our graduates are required to register the alumni information system. Click here to register the alumni information system.
  6. They need to login the graduate platform page. Click here to access the graduate platform page.


The diplomas of graduates of undergraduate programs who graduate at the end of the Spring semester of each year are delivered to the Faculty deans after the ceremony. Diplomas will be kept in the Faculty Student Affairs for 1 month. During this period, diplomas can be received from the relevant Faculty.