2023 - 2024 Candidates Transferred from Reserved Quota to Main Quota Based on Undergraduate Application Results of International Candidates and Registration Procedures

Registration Dates: 18 September 2023 - 19 September 2023 4:00 PM Local Time ( UTC/GMT+3 )

Registration Place: Istanbul Technical University Ayazaga Campus Registrar’s Office

Required Documents

1- Exam/Diploma Score: The original of the exam result/diploma used in the application.(SAT,ACT, etc.), If you have used SAT, ACT etc. exam results for application, you can print the result page from the relevant web page of the exam. If you have used diploma scores such as IB, Matura, ABITUR, you must submit the original document.

2- The original High School Diploma: If it is not in English or Turkish, its Turkish or English translation approved by the notary, district governor or consulate should be submitted.

3- The original high school transcripts: If they are not in English or Turkish, its Turkish or English translation approved by the notary, district governor or consulate should be submitted.

4- High School Diploma Equivalency Certificate, Equivalency certificate can be obtained from the National Education Directorates in Turkey. However, since this process can take a long time, we recommend that you get your equivalence certificate from the Turkish consulates in your country. It is important that the equivalence certificate is verifiable.

5- Original and copy of valid passport containing student or tourist visa, and copy of the page with the last entry date stamp into Turkey.

6- Entry-exit document obtained from the General Directorate of Security or E-government from Turkish students who have completed high school abroad.

7- Original and copy of your Blue Card (if you have)

8- Original and copy of your Residence Permit Card (if you have)

9- Bank receipt showing that the semester tuition fee has been paid (You can access the tuition fees list by clicking here. You must make your payments to Vakıfbank branches with your student number. Do not pay to any IBAN number!)

10- Letter of Undertaking (Click here for the letter of undertaking and fill in the relevant fields.)

11- 4 Photographs


Student tuition fees can be paid to Vakıf Bank branches as of 18 September 2023 until 19 September 2023 by specifying the student number.

If there is a difference between the names of your identity documents and other documents, the additional documents requested during the pre-registration must also be submitted. (Birth certificate, consular name document, proof of birth certificate)

Students who subsequently acquire Turkish citizenship must submit a name equivalence certificate or citizenship acquisition certificate and a certified copy of the birth certificate. (The documents must include all family information and include a statement that citizenship has been acquired.)