Urban and Regional Planning Course Plan

Student's Catalog Term: Before 2011-2012 Fall Semester
6th Semester Elective Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTheoreticalTutorialLab.
EUT 448EVisual Design3300
MIM 252ETheories of Architectural Design3300
MIM 377ECities and Architecture3300
MIM 390EMethods of Environmental Analysis in Architecture3300
PEM 431EExperimental Studies on Place and Design3300
SBP 315EHuman Culture and Environment3300
SBP 316ESystems Approach and Planning Methods3300
SBP 326EPlanning in New Towns3300
SBP 334ENatural Hazards and Urban Safety3300
SBP 346ETransformation of Urban Systems3300
SBP 348EUrban Ecology3300
SBP 412EDisaster Mitigation in Urban Planning3300
SBP 436Universal Design for Urban Environment3300
SBP 436EUniversal Design for Urban Environment3300
SBP 453ESustainable Planning and Development3300