Computer Engineering Course Plan

Student's Catalog Term: Between 2006-2007 Fall and 2009-2010 Fall Semester
8th Semester Elective Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTheoreticalTutorialLab.
BLG 434EIntroduction to Expert Systems2200
BLG 436ERobot Technologies2200
BLG 437EAdvanced Programming2200
BLG 444EComputer Graphics2200
BLG 450EReal-Time Systems Software2200
BLG 452Microprocessor Design Laboratory2102
BLG 456ERobotics2200
BLG 458EFunctional Programming2200
BLG 460ESecure Programming2200
BLG 468EObject Oriented Modeling and Design2200
TEL 444EMultimedia Fundamentals2200