Course Information

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Course Number:
Code Course Name Language Type
MAK 202E Numerical Methods for Mechanical Eng. English Compulsory
Local Credits ECTS Theoretical Tutorial Laboratory
2.5 5.5 2 1 0
Course Prerequisites and Class Restriction
Prerequisites MAT 102 MIN DD
or MAT 102E MIN DD
or MAT 104 MIN DD
or MAT 104E MIN DD
Class Restriction None
Course Description
Introduction to Numerical Methods: Taylor series, numerical error. Solutions of a single non-linear equation: Bisection Method, Newton-Raphson and Secant Methods. Solutions of system of non-linear equations. Numerical solutions of systems of linear equations (Direct and Iterative Methods). Interpolation. Curve Fitting. Numerical Differentiation and Integration. Finite-difference solutions of ordinary and partial differential equations.