Course Information

Course Code:
Course Number:
Code Course Name Language Type
EHB 408E Wireless Communication Networks English Elective
Local Credits ECTS Theoretical Tutorial Laboratory
3 6 3 0 0
Course Prerequisites and Class Restriction
Prerequisites EHB 352 MIN DD
or EHB 352E MIN DD
or TEL 352 MIN DD
or TEL 352E MIN DD
or EHB 308 MIN DD
or EHB 308E MIN DD
Class Restriction None
Course Description
Introduction to wireless communication networks and mobile computing. Network architectures and components. Open system interconnection (OSI) Reference Model: Revision of physical layer concepts, medium access control (MAC), network and transport layers. Quality of service (QoS), security and authentication management. Mobility support and mobile computing in wireless communication networks. Network performance evaluation. Wireless local area networks and mobile networks. Applications and outlook.