2021-2022 Academic Year Summer Semester Undergraduate-Graduate Academic Calendar

Announcement of Summer Term Course Schedule 10 June 2022
Registration for Summer School / Undergraduate-Graduate
(Graduate Students Online Registration Period with Advisor Approval for Summer Term for Class)
27 June 2022 STime:14:00 Start-29 June 2022 Time:16:00 End
Determination and announcement of the courses to be closed 29 June 2022
Beginning of Summer School 04 July 2022
Add-Drop Period 04 - 05 July 2022
Period for paying tuition fees for Summer School 06 July 2022Time:14:00 Start-- 07 July 2022 Time:17:00 End
Cancellation of class registrations of students who did not pay the fee 08 July 2022
Announcement of Final Exam Schedule for the Summer Term 20 July 2022
Announcement of the List of Students Who Are Not Eligible to Take the Final Exam for Summer Term 08 - 12 August 2022
End of Summer School 12.08.2022
Final Exams for Summer Term 13 - 21 August 2022
Deadline for entering Summer Term Final Grades / Deadline for Submission of Summer Term Internship Data 22 August 2022Time: 12:00
Submission of the Commission Decisions of Graduate Lists of Undergraduate Students for the Summer Term by the Faculties 02 September 2022