University Senate

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Article 1 - Students who wish to go to European Union (EU) countries under the ERASMUS exchange program shall apply to the European Union (EU) Centre in the Istanbul Technical University on the dates announced.

Article 2 - The Department Coordinators for the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) within the University shall make lists of the main and reserve exchange students according to the student quotas determined for their respective departments within the framework of bilateral agreements at their meeting held in EU Center (Rankings shall be finalized by evaluations of student application forms and their enclosures under the criterion established by the National Agency and a conclusive interview with students). This list shall be notified to the students by EU Center. Students who are on a probation list shall not be allowed to apply to the Erasmus Exchange Program.

Article 3 - The EU Centre shall provide both the necessary information and documentation regarding all applications to be completed by students for the universities they wish to go to and the procedures they have to follow within their respective faculties.

Article 4 - The EU Centre shall communicate the list of students destined for contractual universities, to those universities concerned.

Article 5 - In order to initiate the relevant procedures and get the necessary permits for the ERASMUS exchange program from their respective Faculties, students should prepare their ERASMUS files and submit them to the Dean's Office. These files should contain a Turkish translation of the document, which is obtained from the EU Centre indicating that the student in question has qualified for the ERASMUS exchange program, the Educational Contract that is signed by the ECTS department coordinator and the permit petition.

Article 6 - The Dean's Office shall refer the students' ERASMUS files to the faculty academic associate dean and to Faculty Exchange Program Commission formed by the ECTS coordinator of the respective department and the member of faculty orientation commission.

Article 7 - The Faculty Exchange Program Commission shall indicate its opinion on the reserved section on the back page of Educational Contract and submit the file to the Faculty Administrative Board.

Article 8 - The permit granted by the Faculty Administrative Board regarding the participation of the student to ERASMUS exchange program shall be sent to Head of Registrar's Office together with a copy of Educational Contract while the original copy of the Educational Contract shall be sent to the EU Centre.

Article 9 - The Educational Contract signed by the ERASMUS Institution Coordinator shall be handed to the student by the EU Centre.

Article 10 - In the case of changes in the courses to be attended at the destination university due to reasons such as unopened classes or full student quotas etc., the student shall apply to the Faculty Dean's Office in order to renew the Educational Contract together with suggestions for any changes to be made.

Article 11 - The Dean's Office shall communicate the suggestions from the student to the ECTS department coordinator for the preparation of the new contract. The Educational Contract that is renewed by the ECTS department coordinator shall be referred back to Faculty Dean's Office in order to retrace Articles 6 to 9.

Article 12 - When a student returns to the Istanbul Technical University after completion of the exchange program; he/she shall submit the transcript given by the destination university to the Head of Registrar's Office to be entered onto the Istanbul Technical University transcript.

Article 13 - The Head of Registrar's Office shall send a Recognition Certificate to the EU Centre stating that classes attended by the student during the course of exchange program have been entered into the student's transcript.