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Aim, Scope, Basis and Definition of Terms

Aim and Scope

ARTICLE 1-  (1) This directive comprises the terms and procedures for application and admission of foreign students to undergraduate programs of İstanbul Technical University.




ARTICLE 2- (1) This directive is prepared pursuant to the article 14/f of Law No.6287 and in accordance with the related legislation and the terms established by the Council of Higher Education.


Definitions of Terms


ARTICLE 3- (1) Wherever the following terms appear in this directive, they shall be taken to refer to:

a) Applicant: Foreign undergraduate who applied for admission to Schools in İstanbul Technical University.

b) Unit: Any school/conservatory under the administration of İstanbul Technical University.

c) Undergraduate: Any foreign student whose admission to the schools of İstanbul Technical University.

d) Registrar’s Office: The Office under the under the administration of İstanbul Technical University.

e) Program: Any educational institution at the level of bachelor degree.

f) President: The President of İstanbul Technical University.

g) Senate: The Senate of İstanbul Technical University.

h) University: İstanbul Technical University.

İ) The University Administrative Committee: The Administrative Committee of İstanbul Technical University.



The Principles Concerning the Admission of Foreign Candidates


Application Requirements

ARTICLE 4- (1) Applicants who want to apply for the Departments that have been declared by the University as to accept applications from foreign candidates are required either to be in their last year of study or to have graduated from any institution of high school with the sufficient grades with one of the examinations stated in Appendix and whose equivalence has been approved by Turkish Republic Authorities.

a) Any application shall be admitted on the condition that the applicant is either in his last year of study or have been graduated from any institution of high school provided that the following conditions have also been met:


1) Foreign nationals,

2) Those who are Turkish citizens by birth but have obtained permission from the Ministry of Interior for the renunciation of Turkish citizenship and their children of full legal age who are listed in the citizenship renunciation certificate and document their certification (Those who wish to apply for international student quotas are advised to check their rights defined in Turkish Citizenship Law No: 5901. Article 7 of this law bears the provision: “(1) Whether born in or outside Turkey, a child is a Turkish citizen if either the mother or the father is a Turkish citizen.”),

3) Those who are foreign nationals by birth but have obtained a TR citizenship / are in this status but a have dual citizenship,

4) a) Those who are Turkish citizens by birth and have maintained last three years of their education before 01/02/2013 in another country out of TRNC (including those who have completed their full secondary (high school) education in a school recognized by National Ministry of Education in abroad out of TRNC) may apply under the quota of foreign undergraduates;

b) Those who are Turkish citizens by birth and who have started their secondary education in another country after 01/02/2013 and completed their full high school education in abroad out of TRNC in a school that is recognized by National Ministry of Education may also apply under the quota of foreign undergraduates.

5) Those who have a TRNC citizenship, reside in TRNC, have completed their secondary education in TRNC and hold GCE AL exam scores, and those registered and educated in high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010 and hold, or are to hold, GCE AL exam scores.

The applications of the following candidates shall not be accepted:


(1) Turkish citizens who have completed all of their high school education in Turkey or TRNC,

(2) Citizens of TRNC (excluding those who have completed their secondary education in TRNC high schools and hold GCE AL exam scores, and those registered and trained in high schools in other countries between 2005-2010 and hold, or are to hold, GCE AL exam scores),

(3) Dual citizens who hold a TR citizenship by birth as defined in Article (a) above (excluding those who meet the provisions under item (4) of Article (a)),

(4) Dual citizens who hold a TRNC citizenship (excluding those who have completed their secondary education in TRNC high schools and hold GCE AL exam scores, and those registered and trained in high schools in other countries between 2005-2010 and hold, or are to hold, GCE AL exam scores),

(5) TR citizens who have been educated from schools in any embassy or foreign high schools in Turkey and dual citizens whose nationality by birth is TR within the scope of Article a-Item b above.


The Prerequisites, Examinations, Base Grades, and Quotas Concerning the Admission


Prerequisites for the Admissions

ARTICLE 5- (1) The following provisions are the prerequisites for candidates who want to apply.

(a) Meeting the conditions that have been declared in Article 4-a-1.

(b) Having the minimum grades from the examinations declared in Appendix of this Directive.

The examinations and the basic grades to be used during application

ARTICLE 6-(1) The national or international examinations and the minimum grades that will be accepted according to the programs that will be applied by the candidates are stated in Appendix-1 of this Directive.

(2) The validity period of an examination that has the characteristic of university admission test (SAT etc.) is 2 (two) years. This list may be renewed by the Senate where required.

(3) The validity period of any maturita (ABITUR etc.) is indefinite.

(4) The grades provided in Appenix-1 may be changed by the decision of Senate.



ARTICLE 7- (1) Quotas for foreign undergraduates in each academic year are set by the University Senate by taking into consideration recommendation of the Faculty Administrative Boards and submitted to the approval of Council of Higher Education.

 (2) University is free whether or not to fill the announced qoutas. When deemed necessary, quotas may be transferred among programs.


Application Principles

ARTICLE 8-(1) The application principles, dates, required documents/certificates that are set by the Senate and the quotas that have been approved by the Council of Higher Education will be published on the web site of University during academic calendar.

(2) The applications shall be accepted online via the web site of University between the dates declared.

(3) Maximum 3 preferences for programs will be accepted and the placement shall be made in the order the applicant stated.


Required Documents/Certificates for Application

ARTICLE 9- (1) Required documents/certificates for the applications are as follows:

a) Certified copy of High School Diploma or any other official document stating the date for graduation prepared by the secondary school administration being trained in case the applicant has not been graduated,

b) Original and the certified Turkish or English translation of the document stating average graduation grades,

c) Copy of passport,

ç) The original or certified copy of examination results,

(2) Those documents declared to be submitted during application must be provided completely and in the way stated in the announcement.



The Terms for Admission and Registration


Evaluation Criteria


ARTICLE 10- (1) The applications that would be made by foreign applicants to the University will be evaluated by the departments of related faculty-conservatory departments and then submitted to the Administrative Board of related Faculty for approval.


(2) In the evaluation of applications, criteria such as the applicants’ success in national/international examinations, their diploma scores and the position of the high schools they have finished in national and international rankings may be taken into consideration.

(3) For the programs that accept applicants in accordance with the special talent examination, the applicant must also succeed the special talent examination that will be held by the University. The evaluation of applications for such examinations shall be evaluated pursuant to the directive of the special talent exam of related department.

(4) Meeting the terms of application shall not be deemed as the admission of applicant.

(5) If the applicant is admitted then an official admission letter will be delivered to the e-mail address of him/her declared to the Registrar’s Office to be able to let him/her to get visa.


Financial Security

ARTICLE 11-The applicants who applied under those quotas shall evidence their financial situation as they have sufficient financial situation to maintain their education in our country. This type of documents and the amount evidencing financial situation together with other required documents are set by the Administrative Committee of University for each academic calendar.


ARTICLE 12- (1) The applicants who get the right of being undergraduate shall make their registrations to the Registrar’s Office during the dates set for that academic calendar.

(2) The required documents for registration are as follows:

a) The original of High School Diploma,

b) The “Certificate of Equivalence” that certificates the equivalence of applicant’s High School Diploma to the Turkish High School Diploma which will be obtained from the Embassy of Turkish Republic or from the Turkish Ministry of National Education,

c) The original document stating the average grades of graduation or original copy of it translated into Turkish or English certified by the Embassy or Consulate of Turkish Republic.

ç) The original certificate of examination results to be used for application or original copy of it translated into Turkish or English certified by the Embassy or Consulate of Turkish Republic,

d) Original identity card or passport or the certified copy of pages indicating identity information,

e) Bank receipt evidencing the contribution to education has been paid,

f) “Student Visa” to be obtained from the Embassy or Consulate of Turkish Republic,

g) 6 each passport photos,

ğ) Internationally Valid Foreign or Turkish Language Certificate of Compliance, if any,

h) Foreigner Identity Number,

ı) Any document evidencing a valid health insurance during the period of university education,

i) Any document evidencing having the possession of financial security amount set by the Administrative Committee of University.

(3) Any applicant who has the “Turkish Descent Certificate” must submit it during registration procedures. Any such document that would be submitted later never changes their status set at the registration procedures.

(4) It is mandatory that international students register for the first semester they are admitted to a program.

(5) International students who are admitted to undergraduate programs must either hold a visa annotated for education or be in a foreigner status which does not require a student visa as stipulated by the General Directorate of Security.

(6) Submission of all the necessary documents in full during registration is imperative.

(7) Any applicant who gained the right of registration but not make their registration during the periods declared or not submitted all necessary documents shall be deemed to have lost his/her right.

(8) All foreign applicants who have their registration completed must obtain residence permit from the authorities of Ministry of Interior pursuant to the provisions of Law No 6458 namely Law on Foreigners and International Protection.

(9) All foreign applicants admitted to the University are subject and supposed to the provisions of related statutory and regulations of University.



The Medium of Instruction and Education

Medium of Instruction

ARTICLE 13- (1) Since the medium of instruction in University is minimum 30% English, the undergraduates who have been admitted pursuant to the provisions of this directive shall evidence their English Proficiency with the result of an examination that have been recognized by the Senate. The undergraduates who cannot evidence their proficiency or who cannot succeed in the exam that will be held at the beginning of semester will be directed to the English Preparatory Program.

(2) The undergraduates who submit a valid Language Proficiency Certificate that is recognized by the Senate will be exempted from English Preparatory Program and can directly start their programs that they will be admitted.

3) The undergraduates who have been admitted to the 100% English undergraduate programs must develop their Turkish level even if they started their program with their (B Level) or (C Level) Turkish grade.

4) The Turkish proficiency must be certified to be able to start any undergraduate program where 30% English medium of instruction is applied like undergraduate programs and Turkish Music State Conservatory (excluding 100% English medium of instruction in Musicology Program). The undergraduates whose Turkish level of proficiency is not sufficient (C level) will be deemed to be off for a period of one year to let them learn Turkish. The undergraduates who succeed and achieved the level of (A) and (B) in Turkish continue to the English Preparatory Program. The undergraduates who have been admitted t to the conservatory and achieved higher level in Turkish can start their undergraduate program.

Tuitions and Scholarship Opportunities

ARTICLE 14- (1) The foreign undergraduates shall pay their tuitions that will be set by the Council of Ministers and the related legislation for each academic year.

(2) The principles regarding the exemptions or discounts of tuition is set by Administrative Committee of the University.



Miscellaneous and Final Provisions


Situations not covered by this Directive

ARTICLE 15- (1) For the situations that is not covered by this Directive, the principles set by the Law No.2922, set by the Directive on Foreign Students Studying in Turkey, the principles set by CoHE on admission of foreign students, the provisions of İstanbul Technical University Rules and Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies, the decisions of Senate and the provisions of other related legislation.

Repealed Directive

ARTICLE 16- The Directive that came into effect with the decision of Senate dated 05.07.2012 No.552 on “Directive on Terms of Application and Examinations for Foreign Students in Undergraduate Programs” has been repealed.

ARTICLE 17- (1) This Directive enters into force on the date approved by the Senate.

ARTICLE 18- (1) The provisions of this Directive is implemented by the Rector of İstanbul Technical University



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