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MET 4902E Met. Malz. Müh. Tasarımı II İngilizce Zorunlu
Kredi AKTS Ders Uygulama Laboratuvar
4 9 1 6 0
Dersin Önşartı ve Sınıf Kısıtı
Ders Önşartı MET 4901 MIN BB
veya MET 4901E MIN BB
Sınıf Kısıtı Yok
Ders Tanımı
It is primarily aimed by this course that students should be able to use all the knowledge they attained through their engineering education in a specific subject, by carrying out a literature survey and, if required, followed by either an applied or experimental investigation, and gathering all this information in a written report of proper form. Additionally, they must learn how to follow and adhere to a work–time plan as scheduled. To develop their individual research capabilities is also targeted.