Click the link

A) First Step: Registration (First Use)

Please enter your name,middle name(if available) ,surname, e-mail address and Security code appeared in the page and click the submit button. The system will automatically create your Candidate Number  and Password  and send this information to your e-mail address you sumbitted.

B) Second Step: Application Forms

Please enter the Candidate Number, Password  you received by e-mail and Security code appeared in the page to enter the application  forms.

1-    Click the link “Update Information and Preferences

Enter your Personal Information and upload your photo.

Enter your Contact Information.

Enter your Graduation Information.

Select your Program Preferences for application (In the prefered sequence).

Click the submit button.

The areas with * sign are required fields.

2-    Click the link “GPA, Language Proficiency Score, ALES/GRE/GMAT Etc.

Enter the all required values and click the submit button.

3-    Click the link “Upload or View Document

Upload all the required documents (Transcript,ALES/GRE/GMAT document,English Proficiency Document,Letter of purpose and other documents)

4-    Click the link “Complete Submission

Click the button “Complete Submission”  if your all data entry is completed and you are sure to finalize. Once you click “Complete Submission” button, you can not change any information you submitted.

5. Click the link  Recommendation Letters

For each applied program two recommendation letters are required.One of this recommendation letters is  required to be prepared by an academic instructor  who the student worked with.

Click the “Add Recommender”.

Select the “Preference” for this Recommender.

Enter Recommender Name and Surname.

Enter Recommender E-mail.

Click Submit button. After submit applicant can not change or delete  the submitted recommender information.

An e-mail for requiring recommender letter with the required procedure will be sent to recommender by the system. Then recommender fill the recommendation letter via the link in his/her e-mail or upload the recommendation letter to the system.