Application Dates 16 August - 01 September 2021

Application Conditions and Evaluation of Applications

  • Evaluation of the applications will be made after the last entry date of the summer school grades specified in our university academic calendar
  • Those whose achieved general credits are between 35-69.99 will be considered as the 3rd Semester, and those who have achieved between 70-109.99 general credits will be considered as the 5th Semester. Applications of students who succeed in credits other than these credits will not be evaluated.
  • Candidates who apply to the Turkish Music State Conservatory minor programs will be sent the entrance exam questions by the Conservatory by e-mail. Students have to deliver the portable memory (USB) containing the videos they have prepared to the Conservatory Registrar's Office in person until 02 September 2021.
  • Students who came with 669 and 667 Decree Laws will also be included in the calculation within the period stated in the rule "can apply for Transfer, Double Major and Minor at the beginning of 3 semesters at the earliest and at the beginning of 5 semesters at the latest".
  • Students who come with 669 and 667 Decrees or who transfer with a Central Placement Score must meet the application conditions specified in the ITU Undergraduate Programs Transfer, Double Major Program and Minor Program Directives and have taken courses from the undergraduate program at our university for at least 2 semesters required. The conditions stated in the ITU Undergraduate Programs Directive for Transfer, Double Major Program and Minor Program and the conditions stated above must be met. In the ranking of the students who meet the application conditions: First of all, the overall grade point average and, in case of equality of the average, the total credits completed by the student are taken into account. Priority is given to students who have completed more credits. If the total number of credits is equal, the selection is made by taking into account the OSYM ranking in the year the student entered the higher education institution.
  • Each student can be on the main list once and on the reserve list once.

To the attention of External Transfer Students

Since the time spent by external transfer students while studying in the Associate Degree program is counted as the period they will spend in the undergraduate program, Transfer according to the clause 11. 4) of the ITU Undergraduate Programs Transfer, Double Major Program and Minor Program Directive, Article-18, they cannot apply to the ÇAP according to item g) and to minor programs according to item 24, item g). Therefore, their applications will not be considered.


Lisans Yatay Geçiş, ÇAP, Yandal Süreci