Urban and Regional Planning Course Plan

Student's Catalog Term: Between 2017-2018 Fall Semester and 2021-2022 Fall Semester
6th Semester Elective Courses II

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTheoreticalTutorialLab.ECTS
EUT 354EEmotional Design33004
EUT 356EColor in Design32204
ICM 360ESocial Transformation, Gender and Space33004
ICM 362EUrban Interiors33004
MIM 353EIntroduction to the History of Architecture33004
MIM 382EModernism and Contemporary Architecture in the Balkans33004
MIM 418EDesign and Fabrication Techniques in Architecture32204
MIM 468EArchitectural Visualization in Virtual Reality32204
SBP 334ENatural Hazards and Urban Safety33004
SBP 348EUrban Ecology33004
SBP 354EUrban Geography and Inequalities33004
SBP 358EReal Estate Economics33004
SBP 412EDisaster Mitigation in Urban Planning33004
SBP 449EPlanning Commercial Areas33004
SBP 453ESustainable Planning and Development33004
SBP 497ERural Settlements and Problems33004