Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Course Plan

Student's Catalog Term: Between 2017-2018 Fall Semester and 2021-2022 Fall Semester
6th Semester Elective Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTheoreticalTutorialLab.ECTS
ALM 101Deutsch I32204
ALM 102Deutsch II32204
ALM 201Deutsch III32204
ALM 202Deutsch IV32204
ALM 301Deutsch V32204
ALM 302Deutsch VI32204
ALM 401German VII32204
BEB 120Sports and Sciences33004
BEB 121Sports and Technology33004
CIN 101Chinese I32204
CIN 102Chinese II32204
CIN 201Chinese III32204
FRA 101French I32204
FRA 102French II32204
FRA 201French III32204
FRA 202French IV32204
FRA 301French V32204
FRA 302French VI32204
HUK 213Occupational Safety and Health Law33004
HUK 214Protection of Technological Innovations33004
HUK 215Contracts Law33004
HUK 216Telecommunications Law33004
HUK 217R&D Law33004
HUK 218Commercial Law33004
ING 103ACreative Writing33004
ING 103ACUrban Ecology33004
ING 103ADAdvanced English for Engineers33004
ING 103BBusiness English33004
ING 103CGreat Moments in Science33004
ING 103COProfessional Communication for Engineers33004
ING 103ESIntercultural Citizenship in International Education33004
ING 103GBusiness Communications33004
ING 103HPublic Presentations33004
ING 103IShort Stories33004
ING 103LMythology33004
ING 103NFilm Studies33004
ING 103OPsychology33004
ING 103PPoetry33004
ING 103SCScience Communication: Theory and Practice for Engineers33004
ISP 101Spanish I32204
ISP 102Spanish II32204
ISP 201Spanish III32204
ISP 202Spanish IV32204
ISP 301Spanish V32204
ISP 302Spanish VI32204
ITA 101Italian I32204
ITA 102Italian II32204
ITA 201Italian III32204
ITA 202İtalian IV32204
ITA 301İtalian V32204
ITB 011Information Theories33004
ITB 012The Administrative Structure of Turkish Republic33004
ITB 026Modernization History in Turkey and Modern Political Thought33004
ITB 027EEnstrangement/Involvement in 5 Works by Camus and Sartre33004
ITB 075French33004
ITB 076The Social History of Arts33004
ITB 085History and Aesthetics of Cinema33004
ITB 086The Infrastructure of the Ottoman Empire33004
ITB 087Media and Society33004
ITB 087EMedia and Society33004
ITB 093The Foundations of the Modern Turkey33004
ITB 094International Relations&Globalization33004
ITB 142Applied Ethics33004
ITB 143Durrel and Said : Orientalism Practiced and Theorized33004
ITB 157Scientific Life in Istanbul33004
ITB 158History of Control and Automation Systems33004
ITB 167EThe birth and the development of the modern city33004
ITB 168EPhilosophy of Technology33004
ITB 171EScience,Technology and Society33004
ITB 172EThe Historian in the Cinema33004
ITB 173EFrege on the Foundations of Arithmetic33004
ITB 175Globalization and City33004
ITB 176Social Memory in Turkey33004
ITB 177Commerce, Architecture in the 19th Century Istanbul33004
ITB 178EDemocracy and Modern Media:International Perspectives33004
ITB 179Literatures of Intimate Separacies:Vizyones,Seyfettin,Armen33004
ITB 179ELiteratures of Intimate Separacies: Vizyenos,Seyfettin,Armen33004
ITB 201Introduction to Humanities and Social Sciences33004
ITB 201EIntroduction to Humanities & Social Sciences33004
ITB 202World History33004
ITB 202EWorld History33004
ITB 203Sociology33004
ITB 203ESociology33004
ITB 204Political Science33004
ITB 204EPolitical Science33004
ITB 206Issues in World Politics33004
ITB 206EIssues in World Politics33004
ITB 207Ottoman History33004
ITB 207EOttoman History33004
ITB 208Formations of Modern Turkey33004
ITB 208EFormations of Modern Turkey33004
ITB 209Turkey in World Affairs33004
ITB 209ETurkey in World Affairs33004
ITB 210City,Environment and Society33004
ITB 210ECity,Environment and Society33004
ITB 211EIstanbul:History,Art and Society33004
ITB 212EArt,Culture and Society33004
ITB 213Toplics in Literature and Society33004
ITB 213ETopics in Literature and Society33004
ITB 215Topics in History and Society33004
ITB 215ETopics in History and Society33004
ITB 216Economy and Society33004
ITB 216EEconomy and Society33004
ITB 217Engineering Ethics33004
ITB 217EEngineering Ethics33004
ITB 218History of Science and Technology33004
ITB 218EHistory of Science and Technology33004
ITB 219Ethics33004
ITB 219EEthics33004
ITB 220Psychology33004
ITB 220EPsychology33004
ITB 221Anatolian Archaeology33004
ITB 231Volunteering Studies32204
ITB 231EVolunteering Studies32204
JPN 101Japanese I32204
JPN 102Japanese II32204
JPN 201Japanese III32204
JPN 202Japanese IV32204
RUS 101Russian I32204
RUS 102Russian II32204
RUS 201Russian III32204