Mechanical Engineering Course Plan

Student's Catalog Term: Between 2011-2012 Fall Semester and 2017-2018 Fall Semester
8th Semester Elective Courses V

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTheoreticalTutorialLab.ECTS
MAK 4001EHeat and Mass Transfer in Mini and Micro Scale Systems2.52105.5
MAK 4002Advanced Strength of Materials2.52105.5
MAK 4003Introduction to Biomechanics and Bioengineering2.52105.5
MAK 4004Introduction to Mechanics of Composite Materials2.52105.5
MAK 4005EMechanical Modeling in Nanoscale Systems2.52105.5
MAK 4006EAlternative Fuels for IC Engines2.52105.5
MAK 4007EMicrosystem -MEMS Design2.52105.5
MAK 4008Driver Assistance Systems2.52105.5
MAK 4009EElectric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles2.52105.5
MAK 4011EDynamics and Controls of Micro/Nano Scale Systems2.52105.5
MAK 4015EMaterials Selection in Design and Manufacturing2.52105.5
MAK 4016Hydraulic Machinery2.52105.5
MAK 4017Industrial Acoustics and Noise2.52105.5
MAK 4018Quality Control in Manufacturing2.52105.5
MAK 4019Plastics Engineering and Manufacturing2.52105.5
MAK 4020Agricultural Machinery2.52105.5
MAK 4021Machine Tools2.52105.5
MAK 4022Microprocessors and Applications in Engineering2.52105.5
MAK 4023Materials Handling2.52105.5
MAK 4025EEngineering Design and CAD2.52105.5
MAK 4026Pumping Systems2.52105.5
MAK 4027ETurbomachinery2.52105.5
MAK 4029Advanced Fluid Mechanics2.52105.5
MAK 4030Advanced Topics in Mechanical Design2.52105.5
MAK 4031Mass Transfer2.52105.5
MAK 4032Metal Forming2.52105.5
MAK 4033Gas Dynamics2.52105.5
MAK 4034Design and Manufacturing with Welding2.52104
MAK 4035Hydraulic and Pneumatic Circuits2.52105.5
MAK 4036EManufacturing Engineering and CAM2.52105.5
MAK 4037EComputer Controllded System Design2.52105.5
MAK 4038EPower Plants2.52105.5
MAK 4039EHVAC Fundamentals2.52105.5
MAK 4040Steam Boilers2.52105
MAK 4041Mechanical Installation for Buildings2.52105.5
MAK 4042Gas Turbines2.52105.5
MAK 4043Fire Dynamics and Protection2.52105.5
MAK 4044Energy Management2.52105.5
MAK 4045Vehicle System Dynamics and Control2.52105.5
MAK 4047EDynamic Systems Modelling and Simulation2.52105.5
MAK 4048EHVAC Systems and Equipment Design2.52105.5
MAK 4049Control Elements and Applications2.52105.5
MAK 4050Optimization of Thermal Systems2.52105.5
MAK 4051Noise and Vibration in Vehicles2.52105.5
MAK 4052Building Automation2.52105.5
MAK 4053EVehicle Technology2.52105.5
MAK 4054EDigital Control System Design2.52105.5
MAK 4055EFuel Economy in Road Vehicles2.52105.5
MAK 4056Control Systems Design2.52105.5
MAK 4057EVehicle Systems Design2.52105.5
MAK 4058Power Transmission in Vehicles2.52105.5
MAK 4059EPrecision Machine Design2.52105.5
MAK 4060Vibration Analysis by Finite Element Methods2.52105.5
MAK 4061Exhaust Gas Emmision2.52105.5
MAK 4062Railway Vehicles2.52105.5
MAK 4063Design of Internal Combustion Engines2.52105.5
MAK 4065ERefrigeration2.52105.5
MAK 4066Vehicle Chassis and Body Design2.52105.5
MAK 4067ERenewable Energy Systems2.52105.5
MAK 4068Fluid Power Control2.52105.5
MAK 4069EThermal Environmental Engineering2.52105.5
MAK 4070EInternal Combustion Engines2.52105.5
MAK 4071EIntroduction to Robotics2.52105.5
MAK 4078Fundamentals of Mechanical Design2.52105.5
MAK 4079Thermodynamics of Biomolecular Systems2.52105