Mechanical Engineering Course Plan

Student's Catalog Term: Between 2000-2001 Fall and 2002-2003 Fall Semester
8th Semester Elective Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTheoreticalTutorialLab.
MAK 363Quality Control in Manufacturing3300
MAK 367Agricultural Machinery3300
MAK 373Microprocessors in Engineering3300
MAK 383Textile Engineering3300
MAK 385Pumping Systems3300
MAK 395Applied Machine Project3300
MAK 397Hotel Engineering3300
MAK 4079Thermodynamics of Biomolecular Systems2.5210
MAK 414Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering Design3300
MAK 415Plastics Engineering and Manufacturing3300
MAK 416Plastic Forming of Metals3300
MAK 417Machine Tools3300
MAK 418Design and Manufacturing with Welding3300
MAK 419Materials Handling3300
MAK 425Thermal Turbo Machinery3300
MAK 428Advanced Fluid Mechanics3300
MAK 429Steam Boilers3300
MAK 432Gas Dynamics3300
MAK 434Gas Turbines3300
MAK 435Hydraulic and Pneumatic Circuits3300
MAK 437Energy Policies3300
MAK 438Process Techniques3300
MAK 439EComputer Controllded System Design3300
MAK 444Building Installation3300
MAK 445Fire Dynamics and Protection3300
MAK 446Optimization of Thermal Systems3300
MAK 447Building Automation3300
MAK 449Mechanical Vibrations3300
MAK 450Vehicle System Dynamics and Control3300
MAK 453Control Elements and Applications3300
MAK 454Design of Control Systems3300
MAK 457Power Transmission in Vehicles3300
MAK 458Vibration Analysis by Finite Element Methods3300
MAK 459Noise and Vibration in Vehicles3300
MAK 464Railway Vehicles3300
MAK 466Design of Vehicles3300
MAK 467EHeat Treatment3300
MAK 468Design of Chaisis and Body of Cars3300
MAK 469EPrecision Machine Design3300
MAK 474Exhaust Gas Emmision3300
MAK 475ENumerical Fluid Dynamics3300
MAK 476Design of Internal Combustion Engines3300
MAK 477ERefrigeration3300
MAK 479ERenewable Energy Systems3300
MAK 483EThermal Environmental Engineering3300
MAK 484Control of Fluid Power3300
MAK 487EIntroduction to Robotics3300
MAK 493EInternal Combustion Engines3300
MAK 497EAlternative Fuels for IC Engines3300