Management Engineering (%100 English) Course Plan

Student's Catalog Term: Between 2017-2018 Fall Semester and 2021-2022 Fall Semester
7th Semester Elective Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTheoreticalTutorialLab.ECTS
END 213EData Management in Industrial Systems33006
END 317EDatabase Management and Big Data33006
END 448EIntroduction to Stochastic Modeling33004
END 453EIndustry 4.0 and Digital Transformation33004
EUT 334EDesign and Form33004
ISL 354EManagerial Decision Making33005
ISL 355EEconometrics33005
ISL 437EModelling Cross sectional and Panel Data33005
ISL 439EIntroduction to Machine Learning with Business App33005