Physics Engineering Course Plan

Student's Catalog Term: Between 2017-2018 Fall Semester and 2021-2022 Fall Semester
8th Semester Elective Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTheoreticalTutorialLab.ECTS
BIO 301EFundamentals of Biology33005
BIO 351EBiophysics33006
FIZ 414Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics II33004
FIZ 425EComputational Analysis of Physical Systems32206
FIZ 434Microprocessors32206
FIZ 434EMicroprocessors32206
FIZ 435EProcessing Data From Computer Monitored Experiments33004
FIZ 437Statistical Learning from Data: Application in Physics32206
FIZ 437EStatistical Learning from Data: Application in Physics32206
FIZ 441ESelected Problems in Computational Physics33004
FIZ 454EHealth Physics32204
FIZ 458EOptics II33004
FIZ 466EAstrophysics II33004
FIZ 476Solar Energy Physics and Technology II33004
FIZ 476ESolar Energy Physics and Technology II33004
FIZ 486ECrystal Growth Technics3300
FIZ 494Genel Relativite33004
FIZ 494EGenel Relativite33004
FIZ 496Nuclear Physics II33004
FIZ 496ENuclear Physics II33004
KIM 207Inorganic Chemistry33005
KIM 214EStructure and Properties of Polymers33004
KMM 485Polymer Chemistry and Technology33004
MAT 337Web Programming32026
MAT 337EWeb Programming32026
MAT 417ETheory of Surfaces33006
MAT 418EOptimization33006
MAT 420EFinancial Mathematics33006
MET 221Materials Science I33006
MET 232Materials Science II33005
MET 232EMaterials Science II33005
MET 415Non-Destructive Testing33005
MET 415ENon-Destructive Testing33005
MTO 335EPhysics of Upper Atmosphere33005
MTO 458EIntroduction to Planetary Atmospheres33006
MTO 497Atmospheric Optics and Acoustics33006
MUH 415ETheory of Elasticity33006
MUH 423Fluid Mechanics33006
MUH 423EFluid Mechanics33006
MUH 428Biomechanic33006
MUH 428EBiomechanic33006
MUH 453Optimal Control Theory33006
MUH 453EOptimal Control Theory33006
UZB 437EIntroduction to Robotics33005