Computer Engineering (%100 English) Course Plan

Student's Catalog Term: Between 2017-2018 Fall Semester and 2021-2022 Fall Semester
7th Sems.Elect. Course I (MT)

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTheoreticalTutorialLab.ECTS
BLG 413ESystem Programming21026
BLG 430EComputer Networks22004
BLG 433EComputer Communications22005
BLG 434EIntroduction to Expert Systems22004
BLG 435EArtificial Intelligence22005
BLG 438EDigital System Design Laboratory21025
BLG 439EComputer Project I21205
BLG 440EComputer Project II21204
BLG 443EDiscrete Event Simulation22005
BLG 444EComputer Graphics22005
BLG 447ECompiler Design22005
BLG 449EProgramming in Parallel and Distributed Systems22005
BLG 450EReal-Time Systems Software22004
BLG 451EReal-Time Systems22005
BLG 452EMicroprocessor Design Laboratory21025
BLG 453EComputer Vision22005
BLG 456ERobotics22005
BLG 458EFunctional Programming22004
BLG 459EComputer Security22005
BLG 460ESecure Programming22005
BLG 468EObject Oriented Modeling and Design22004
BLG 475ESoftware Quality and Testing22005
BLG 477EMultimedia Computing22005
BLG 478ENetwork Security22004