Mimarlık (%100 İngilizce) Ders Planı
2015-2016 / Güz ile 2017-2018 / Güz Dönemleri Arası
7th Elective Course I (MT)

Ders KoduDers AdıKrediDersUyg.Lab.AKTS
EUT 363EVisual Culture and Design32204
EUT 365EFund. of Design Thinking33004
GSB 313EDrawing in Architecture33004
GSB 323EPhotography and Architecture33004
GSB 333EImrovized Play and Actıng33004
GSB 343EVisual Analysis33004
GSB 353EInt.to Dig.Img.with Phtshp5.53300
GSB 363ECeramic Applications in Archi.33004
ICM 317EEnvironmental Psychology33004
ICM 323ETheory of Color33004
ICM 353EHealth and Design33004
MIM 252ETheories of Architectural Dsgn33004
MIM 315EAcoustical Problms in Archtctr33004
MIM 316ESpaceUse&Evaluation inHousing3300
MIM 320ERoof Systems33004
MIM 324EArch&UrbanSpa.Iden&NewBuildDsg33004
MIM 325EAcoustical Design of Halls33004
MIM 326EAcoust.Prb.inThea.&Cncrt Halls3300
MIM 328EContemporary Building Mater.3300
MIM 330EVertical Circulation Systems33004
MIM 334EArchitecture and Psychology33004
MIM 336ESpatial Analysis&Tec.in Arch.3300
MIM 340ECatering Design3300
MIM 344EInformation Tech.inArchitectre3300
MIM 347EDigit. Graphics&Representation32204
MIM 348EMaterialSelection inConstruct.3300
MIM 349EInt.to Materials in Architect.33004
MIM 350EShadow in Perspective3300
MIM 353EInt.to the History of Architec33004
MIM 355EArchit.&Interdıscıplınary Std.33004
MIM 356EPhotography33004
MIM 358EProtective Building Materials3300
MIM 364EDesign with Natural Aspects3300
MIM 368EStructural Materials3300
MIM 371EByzantine Heritage in İstanbul33004
MIM 373EDv.of Ist.frmthe19thC.to thePr33004
MIM 375ESettl.&Arch. in Anc.Anatol.Ct.33004
MIM 376ECom.Aid.Shdwn inBuildn.&Sttlm.3300
MIM 377ECities and Architecture33004
MIM 379EWood in Arch. Design&Construc.33004
MIM 381EStructural Systems in Arch.33004
MIM 384EMorphological Studies in Archi3300
MIM 392EContents of Architecture33004
MIM 394ESolar Architecture3300
MIM 398ELighting inCultural&ArtCenters3300
MIM 410EArchitect Sinan33004
MIM 413EArt of the 20th Century33004
MIM 415EHousing Dsg Phil of Contm Arch33004
MIM 422ECity Form and Architecture3300
MIM 423EArchitecture After 19603300
MIM 425EArchitecture Today33004
MIM 426ENow.Arc.Thought&itsRefl.onDsgn3300
MIM 427ERestoration of Cultural Prop.33004
MIM 429ETopographical Practices33004
MIM 432EEntrepreneurship in Const.Ind.3300
MIM 435EMdrn Cncpts of Archtctrl Consv33004
MIM 436EIntro.to Conservation Science3300
MIM 437EAnaly.&Crtc.on Cont.Wrld.Arch.33004
MIM 438ESurvy.with Optic.&Elect.Equip.33004
MIM 439EComputer Appl.in Architecture3300
MIM 440EGenerating Livable Environment33004
MIM 441EPreserv.Prac.at Arch.Sites33004
MIM 446EHistor.Settlements&Space Cult.3300
MIM 452EGr.Projc.inthe His.of İstanbul33005
MIM 455EHR Mngmnt in Building Const33004
MIM 457EProblems ofHousing Plann.& Dsg33004
MIM 459EIdeological Dim.at Architc Dsg33004
MIM 463EGeo.in Architectral Composi.33004
MIM 464EArchitec.&Society in Antiquity3300
MIM 465EBuildng Sub-Structure & Ground33004
MIM 471EEarthquake Resist.Building Dsg33004
MIM 475EArchtctrl Dsg of Hgh-Rs Bldngs3300
MIM 481ELayers of Istanbul3300
MIM 489EHousing Prod. Models in Turkey3300
MIM 491EArchitectural Morphology3300
MIM 493EDesign Economics3300
MIM 494ESpecial Top.of Const.Prj.Manag33004
MIM 495EHousing in Developng Countries33004
MIM 497ETime Mng.in Building Prod.3300
PEM 317EUrban Furniture and Space33004
PEM 340EUrban Sociology33004
PEM 347ESocial Asspect of Landsc.Arch.33004
PEM 431EExperim.Studies on Place&Desg33004
SBP 357ELarge Scale Urban Projects33004
SBP 417EUrban Development Process33004
SBP 433EHealthy Cities33004