Newly accepted  undergraduate or graduate foreign student applicants can obtain a  Student  Visa  from the nearest Turkish embassy in their country by showing their acceptance letter. This visa is usually valid for one month. The student  must complete the admissions process with all the required documents in ITU, and  must apply for residence permit to the governship within one month of their entrance into Turkey.

Students may take a ‘Residence Permit Information Form’ in sealed envelope from the Registrar’s Office between two to three weeks after admission .They are allowed a Residence Permit for the purpose of studying  by supplying this form and all other necessary documents to  the Police Department, Bureau of Residence .  This residence permit is usually valid for one year. According to Law No. 4817 "Law on Work Permits of Foreigners" , foreign students holding a residence permit for study purposes are prohibited from working.

For as long as their residence permits are valid, students do not need a visa to enter Turkey. For example, when they go to their home countries for semester breaks,they can enter Turkey with just their Residence Permits.

Expired Residence Permits, must be extended within 15 days. Otherwise their holder will be prosecuted.

A list of graduated foreign students,as well as those who did not register for a particular term ,who took permission to not to register courses for that term, who were dismissed or had their registration deactivated at their own request or graduated ,are given to Police Department by the Registrar’s Office every term. As a consequence ,the Residence Permit of those students are cancelled and those students must  leave Turkey within 15 days after deactivation of their study in ITU or must apply to take up residence by other means to the  Police Department. Failure to do so  will result in prosecution.

Students having permission to not register courses for less than one year can enter Turkey with tourist visa and register for courses.However if their study exceeds one year they must take a student visa(Since their Residence Permit is cancelled they can not enter Turkey with Residence Permit).
The list of applicants  who are listed as eligible for admission to be student of ITU ,but did not complete their admission with required documents are sent to the Police Department by the Registrar’s Office.

Police Department web site for foreign students; http://www.egm.gov.tr/