Principles Regarding Foreign Student Applications to Undergraduate Level Programs

Basis of the Higher Education Council of the International Student Admissions

Directive On The Application and The Admission Of Foreign Students To Undergraduate Degree Programs

International Undergraduate Admissions for 2019 - 2020 Academic Year

Admission Application of Foreign Students : 17-22 July 2019 Click for application.
Announcement of Admitted Foreign Students : August 02, 2019

Residency Information

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Regarding Turkish Foreign ID For Foreign Students

Foreign Students who do not have their Turkish Foreign ID registered in the system have a restriction to their entry onto the Student Information System. They are required to declare their Turkish Foreign ID to the Registrar’s Office/Student Information System and are not allowed to register to courses and receive official documents(Transcript etc.) until they have done so.

Detailed Information About How to Get Turkish Foreign ID.

Foreign Students who do not have scholarship may benefit from General Health Insurance if they pay the premium costs themselves.

According to Law No. 34 of 6111 and change of Article 60 paragraph (g) of Law No.5510 of the Social Insurances and General Health Insurance Law , foreign students who do not have scholarship may benefit from general health insurance if they pay the premium costs themselves.

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