Architecture (%100 English) Program Curriculum
Student's Catalog Term: Between 2015-2016 Fall Semester and 2017-2018 Fall Semester
7th Elective Course II (MT)

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditTheoreticalTutorialLab.ECTS
EUT 363EVisual Culture and Design32204
EUT 365EFundamentals of Design Thinking33004
GSB 313EDrawing in Architecture33004
GSB 323EPhotography and Architecture33004
GSB 333EImrovized Play and Actıng33004
GSB 343EVisual Analysis33004
GSB 353EInt.to Dig.Imag.with Phtshp5.53300
GSB 363ECeramic Applications in Archi.33004
ICM 317EEnvironmental Psychology33004
ICM 323ETheory of Color33004
ICM 353EHealth and Design33004
MIM 315EAcoustical Problems in Architecture33004
MIM 316ESpace Use and Evaluation in Housing3300
MIM 320ERoof Systems33004
MIM 324EArch. and Urban Spatial Iden. and the New Buildings Design33004
MIM 325EAcoustical Design of Halls33004
MIM 326EAcoustical Problems in Theatre and Concert Halls3300
MIM 328EContemporary Building Materials3300
MIM 330EVertical Circulation Systems33004
MIM 334EArchitecture and Psychology33004
MIM 335EEnergy Efficient Housing33004
MIM 336ESpatial Analysis and Techniques in Architecture3300
MIM 340ECatering Design3300
MIM 344EInformation Technology in Architecture3300
MIM 347EDigital Graphics and Representation32204
MIM 348EMaterial Selection in Construction3300
MIM 349EIntroduction to Materials in Architecture33004
MIM 350EShadow in Perspective3300
MIM 353EIntroduction to the History of Architecture33004
MIM 355EArchitecture and Interdıscıplınary Studıes33004
MIM 356EPhotography33004
MIM 358EProtective Building Materials3300
MIM 364EDesign with Natural Aspects3300
MIM 368EStructural Materials3300
MIM 371EByzantine Heritage in İstanbul33004
MIM 373EDevelopment of Istanbul from the 19th Century to the Present33004
MIM 375ESettlement and Architecture in Ancient Anatolian Cities33004
MIM 376EComputer Aided Shadowing in Buildings and Settlement3300
MIM 377ECities and Architecture33004
MIM 379EWood in Architectural Design and Construction33004
MIM 381EStructural Systems in Architecture33004
MIM 384EMorphological Studies in Architecture3300
MIM 392EContents of Architecture33004
MIM 394ESolar Architecture3300
MIM 398ELighting in Cultural and Art Centers3300
MIM 413EArt of the 20th Century33004
MIM 415EHousing Design Philosophy of Contemporary Architecture33004
MIM 422ECity Form and Architecture3300
MIM 423EArchitecture After 19603300
MIM 425EArchitecture Today33004
MIM 426ENowadays Architectural Thought and its Reflection on Design3300
MIM 427ERestoration of Cultural Property33004
MIM 429ETopographical Practices:Architecture, Art and the City33004
MIM 432EEntrepreneurship in Construction Industry3300
MIM 435EModern Concepts of Architectural Conservation33004
MIM 436EIntroduction to Conservation Science3300
MIM 437EAnalyses and Critics on Contemporary World Architecture33004
MIM 438ESurveying with Optical and Electronic Equipment33004
MIM 439EComputer Applications in Architecture3300
MIM 441EPreservation Practices at Archaelogical Sites33004
MIM 446EHistorical Settlements and Space Culture3300
MIM 452EGrand Projects in the History of İstanbul33005
MIM 455EHuman Resource Management in Building Construction33004
MIM 457EProblems of Housing Planning and Design33004
MIM 459EIdeological Dimension at Architectural Design33004
MIM 461EEnvironmental Design for the Disabled and Elderly33004
MIM 463EGeometry in Architectural Composition33004
MIM 464EArchitecture and Society in Antiquity3300
MIM 465EBuilding Sub-Structure and Ground33004
MIM 471EEarthquake Resistant Building Design33004
MIM 475EArchitectural Design of High-Rise Buildings3300
MIM 481ELayers of Istanbul3300
MIM 489EHousing Production Models in Turkey3300
MIM 491EArchitectural Morphology3300
MIM 493EDesign Economics3300
MIM 494ESpecial Topics of Construction Project Management33004
MIM 495EHousing in Developing Countries33004
MIM 497ETime Management in Building Production3300
PEM 317EUrban Furniture and Space33004
PEM 347ESocial Asspect of Landscape Architecture33004
PEM 431EExperimental Studies on Place and Design33004
SBP 357ELarge Scale Urban Projects33004
SBP 433EHealthy Cities33004