The information about the residence permit of foreign students are as follows (for new students)

The residence permit applications will be taken on 27TH OF OCTOBER, FRIDAY. The place will be “ÝTÜ Kültür ve Sanat Birligi”, (KSB in short) BUILDING NUMBER 39 on the campus map between 10.00 AM AND 17.00 PM. All foreign students’ of ITU will be bringing their application documents so let your lecturers know that you might not be able to attend the classes on 27th of October as it will take time.


 Please make sure to bring all of your documents:

1.    Application Form* (You receive it after completing the online application on

2.    4 photos (biometric, on white background)

3.       Your passport

4.       Copies of the first page, visa and entry stamp pages of your passport

5.       Student Certificate(you can take it from Student Registrar’s Office(take a number for Student Certificate first at the entrance of the building from the touch-screen)

6.        Acceptance letter in Turkish(We gave them out at the Orientation)

7.       Health Insurance (It is ok if you don’t have it at the time of the application, you will be able do it later too)

8.       Statement of Income**(filled in and signed by you)

9.       Statement for Insurance** (filled in and signed by you)

10.   Receipt of payment from Tax Office for Residence Permit Card***(Ikamet card)(should be 63 Turkish Liras)